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Organic Night Cream

With age, our skin needs better care. As our body grows it goes through wear and tear of cells which tends to lose hydration in the skin tissue. This leads to less suppleness of the skin. This is the reason we need to hydrate our skin from time to time. Recently the concept of organic night creams has taken over the market. Let’s see what are night creams, why are they needed and why organic night creams become a rage?

Concept of night creams

In the daytime, we are hydrated with moisturizers and water. But at night we just ignore our skin and go to bed. This scenario is ok till the time one is in their early twenties. But as you reach your thirties, you will start to notice some fine lines and dullness in the skin. This cannot be taken care just by daytime moisturization. This is a sign that the skin needs extra care. At night our body relaxes for a longer duration and during that time it heals itself, that is why if moisturization is provided through night creams at that point of time then the skin will tend to look younger and supple for a longer period of time.

Can normal moisturizer be applied during the night time?

In maximum cases, a simple hydrating moisturizer can be applied for both day and night but all skin is not same. Each skin is deficient in different aspect as per age and health. That is why different night creams are formulated to suit different skin types and their issues.

Why use night creams?

Below are few reasons why one should use a night cream:

  • It provides the needed moisture/ hydration to the dry parts of the skin.
  • It provides a soothing feeling to the skin
  • It evens out the complexion and reduces fine lines
  • It boosts collagen into the skin
  • Helps the blood circulation to get better
  • Wrinkles and texture on the skin gets reduced
  • It helps the skin to avoid sagging
  • Maintains skin to stay soft and supple
  • Reduces aging of skin
  • Restores elasticity
  • Helps renew cells and nourishes skin

Why Organic night creams?

This is a question that pops up in the mind of the consumers quite frequently. What is the need or organic night cream? What it does special? Why should we pay more for the product just because it’s organic?

The answer is simple because it’s a healthier option for your skin. With all those chemical in one small bottle can make your skin change within a small period of time then think what it may do with the course of time. Organic night creams reduce the carbon footprint of the product. One gets all the goodness of the product without the ill or side effects of it. And to top it off one becomes closer to nature and environment. Organic night creams are free of the harmful products such as parabens, SLS etc which are really harmful to your skin. Organic night creams are the blend of the goodness of nature which will soothe your skin from all aspects by keeping it young, supple and loved.